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How is sailing in Papagayo Costa Rica ?

Information of our private catamaran charters in Papagayo Peninsula, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Sailing Papagayo

The Papagayo Peninsula is a peculiar and interesting geographic formation located in the canton of Liberia, Guanacaste, and precisely because of its abrupt, dramatic and changing coastline, which offers beaches, coves and hidden islets, it is one of the best places to sail in our catamarans.

Andaz Papagayo Catamaran Sailing

The Papagayo Peninsula

The Peninsula is relatively small, but still large enough to house several hidden beaches, such as Nacazcolo, Nacazcolito, Playa Huevos and several others.
Additionally, along the coast there are many reef formations, where snorkeling is great, as well as islets and cliffs, which makes boredom a non-option.
The winds are also very favorable, as while there is enough wind to propel the sailboat or catamaran, they are not excessively strong winds, which means that the waters are usually very stable and there is not much movement on board.
Several luxury hotels and resorts are on the Papagayo Peninsula, including Four Seasons, Andaz, El Mangroove, Secrets, Planet Hollywood and several others.

Riu Guanacaste private sailing

The Gulf of Papagayo

The Peninsula at the same time creates a gulf, where the waters are even calmer. This is the Gulf of Papagayo, which, due to the fact that it is protected by the peninsula, offers very calm waters, as well as unmissable landscapes, both of wooded hills and virgin beaches, such is the case of Playa Iguanita, a protected beach where there are no constructions of any kind and serves as a refuge for hundreds of animal species.


In all Papagayo hotels and resorts we pick up guests directly in front of the hotel, on the beach, which is possible again due to the kindness of the sea conditions.
In the few cases where the lodging is far away, or on top of a nearby hill, the client must go down to the beach where our boat will pick them up to be transferred to the catamaran.



Papagayo snorkeling

All of our private tours are designed to show you the natural wonders of Guanacaste and especially the Papagayo Peninsula.

For example, it is quite common to see dolphins, even more than one species, which often jump and play on the bow of the catamaran while we sail in the waters.

Another common species to see are sea turtles, also of various species, which are either permanent residents or migratory species.

Humpback whales, which come from the south and north Pacific, can also be seen quite easily during the months of January and February, as well as during August, September and October.